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Immediately below are descriptions of the various health classes provided by U.S. Naval Hospital Guam. Some of these classes can be provided at other locations upon request; refer to the information below for details.

Many online resources are shown under the class descriptions provided below.

Use the information on the right to contact the Health Promotion Section of U.S. Naval Hospital Guam or inquire about any of the information provided on this page.
Anger Management (offered upon request): This single-session class discusses the causes of anger and provides a four-step process for preventing and dealing with it. Participants are provided opportunities during the class to practice the techniques it provides. Call 671-344-9124 to schedule. (This class can be provided online and at other locations upon request.)
Blue Zones (offered upon request): This single-session class provides information on the Blue Zones, which are five different places in the world whose inhabitants usually live longer than anywhere else. The class explains nine behaviors practiced by Blue Zone people that account for their longevity and offers suggestions regarding how participants can apply these practices to their lives. Call 671-344-9124 to request a presentation. (This class can be provided online and at other locations upon request.)
Diabetes Self-Management (offered monthly): Provides essential information about prediabetes and diabetes. Topics include information on nutrition, medications, exercise, acute and chronic complications, healthy coping, blood sugar monitoring, and prevention of diabetes. Beneficial for anyone with pre-diabetes and diabetes. Call 671-344-9202, Option 3, Option 1 to register, or 671-344-9645 for any questions about the class. Patients may need to leave a voicemail on some days.

Food Safety Training (offered monthly): Food safety training is required for personnel preparing or serving food for sale on DOD installations. This includes food facilities, special events, fundraisers, and temporary food permits. Staff Food Safety Training is a four-hour course, required annually. The Food Safety Manager's Course lasts two days; the certificate is valid for five years. Call the Preventive Medicine Department at 671-339-1107 or 671-344-9787 to request the class schedule.
For Ladies Only and For Men Only (offered upon request): Each is a separate hourlong class which provides an informal but frank discussion on the prevention of sexually transmitted infections and unplanned pregnancies. As their titles suggest, these classes are offered only to groups consisting of the gender indicated by the class title. Call 671-344-9124 to schedule.  
Healthy Living (offered upon request): This four session class addresses weight loss, cholesterol management, hypertension management, or general concerns pertaining to nutrition and/or exercise. The specifics presented in the class depend on the interests of its participants. Participants are asked to state their specific areas of concern when they call to register for the class. Call 671-344-9124 to schedule. (This class can be provided online and at other locations upon request.) 
Nicotine (Tobacco) Cessation (offered upon request): Individual counseling and classes are available to provide information and strategies for dealing with the issues nicotine (tobacco) users must address to successfully quit using nicotine/tobacco products. Call 671-344-9124 for services available at U.S. Naval Hospital Guam. (This class can be provided online and at other locations upon request.)
Sexual Health and Responsibility Program (SHARP) (offered upon request): The SHARP class is focused on awareness and prevention of sexually transmitted infections. Call the Preventive Medicine Department at 671-339-1107 or 671-344-9787 to request a class.
Shipshape Weight Management (offered as explained below): This class meets once a week for four weeks, and provides extensive information on losing weight and keeping it off.  Offered twice a year at U.S. Naval Hospital Guam. Call 671-344-9124 for further information and to sign up. (This class can be provided online and at other locations upon request.)
Stress Management (offered upon request): This class provides techniques/strategies and materials for both avoiding and coping with stress. Call 671-344-9124 to schedule. (This class can be provided online and at different locations upon request.)
Travel Health Program (offered upon request): Pre-travel health briefings advise beneficiaries about public health risks and preventive measures to stay healthy while visiting foreign destinations. Call the Preventive Medicine Department at 671-344-9787 or 671-339-1107 at least one month before travel to request a brief. 

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